Hpsam tracker - Hpsam tracker - Plugin version: Recently edited tasks https://outils.hpsam.info/tracker/ 2009-11-30T17:59:47Z FS#36: Add version listing 2009-11-30T17:59:47Z 2009-11-30T17:59:47Z
Add the possibility to associate the plugin version to a range of compatible GuppY versions.


Ajout de la possibilité d'associer une plage de versions de GuppY compatible à une version du plugin.
Sylvain https://outils.hpsam.info/tracker/:36
FS#4: Plugin data not in the good directory 2008-03-01T19:16:32Z 2008-03-01T19:13:35Z
The plugins data are in 'data/plugin-version directory'.
Should be in the 'data/plugins/plugin-version directory'.
Sylvain https://outils.hpsam.info/tracker/:4
FS#3: code.png not present 2008-03-01T19:11:28Z 2008-03-01T19:08:35Z
In the list of plugins, the code.png image is not display but the alt text.
code.png is present in GuppY 4.5 but not in 4.6
Sylvain https://outils.hpsam.info/tracker/:3