Hpsam tracker - Hpsam tracker - G Sitemap: Recently closed tasks https://outils.hpsam.info/tracker/ 2009-09-15T14:17:49Z FS#33: Parameter pg change to idpg in GuppY 4.6.10 2009-09-15T14:17:49Z 2009-09-15T12:58:46Z
The links to events change in GuppY 4.6.10.
For an article with the ID X :
Before: pg=X
After: idpg=X/


Les liens vers les événements change avec GuppY 4.6.10.
Pour un article avec l'ID x :
Avant : pg=X
Après : idpg=X/
Sylvain https://outils.hpsam.info/tracker/:33
FS#7: Add support for OpenFiche 2008-04-19T16:22:30Z 2008-03-27T13:52:31Z
See : http://leconte-sylvain.hpsam.info/thread.php?lng=fr&pg=1587&cat=3&id=2#19

Need to integrate the OpenFiches Plugin to the sitemap generator.
Integration d'OpenFiches au générateur de sitemap.
Sylvain https://outils.hpsam.info/tracker/:7
FS#5: Apply xsl to sitemap 2008-03-04T19:55:11Z 2008-03-04T19:54:41Z
Use an xsl file to display the sitemapguppy.xml file in a better way.
Sylvain https://outils.hpsam.info/tracker/:5